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Snail Farming- For high income

SNAIL FARMING. By VESTER Royal For Entrepreneurship
For us to treat this, we must ask ourselves the question, what is snail? and know what snail is. Snail is a small soft creature with a hard round shell on its back that moves very slowly and often eats garden plants. Some types of snail can be eaten.

Snail farming: Is the act of rearing and managing snail production in a farm for the purpose of producing snail in large quantity for meat and money or financial gain. This serve as means of employment to people, and source of vitamins. Doctors do recommend snail meat for purposes of enriching blood level in human beings. We shall discus types of snail in our next lecture.

In some areas in Igbo land, snail is forbidden, because it is being ascribed to a god of their ancestor. One of such towns for instance is Ohakpu in Oru Local Government of Imo state Nigeria.

Snail Farming is very lucrative, and many people are waking up to this business of snail farming. Apart from the fact that snail farming is easy to manage, snail farming does not require much technicalities or capital as snails can easily be picked around for the take-off. Snail farm is easy to setup- with little structure and little fund of about N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira).

Hotels, Restaurants and other eateries are people that will constantly demand your supply. You could get standing orders from these group of people for the supply of snails to them at agreed times and rates and you know what that means? Constant money into your pocket.

The giant West Africa snail called Elephant snail is the most desirable specie for snail farming due to it's high yielding capacity. There are other good species but I will focus on Elephant snail
  in this blog post because, it's easy to maintain in Nigeria. 

Elephant snail is very good for commercialization as well, because of its profitability. This is because of the volume of eggs it lays at once. Each Elephant snail lays 350 to 500 eggs at a time in clutches, three times a year. Therefore, if you start a farm with about 1000 snails, in one year you would be getting about 2,000,000 (two million) snails in a year

Having decided on the specie, let's take you through the step by step how to setup your snail farm in a small scale level and starts rearing your snail towards harvest.

1. Snail Farming Environment - Snails are easily ---, and ---- increase the rate of ---- in snail which in turn, leads to the ---- of the animal. To prevent snails from ---- so quickly, your snaileries (the snail house) must be located in environment that is protected from.
A ---- site surrounded with enough ----is perfect for snail
farming. You may plant ---- and ---- around your snail farm to prevent the impact of -----.

2. Type of Soil For Snail Farm -
Snail's major habitat is the ----, and ---contains some of the components and chemical substances that it needed to survive. However, not all soils are suitable for snail rearing. The shell of the snail is mainly ----- and it derive most of them from the ----. Snail also lay it's eggs on the ---- and ----- out of the -----. 

Hence, the suitable ---- for snail farming must contain these elements.  Must be -------, not ----, not ----, and must not be -----. The most desirable ---- for snail is -------- with------ holding capacity. ---- and ----- must be avoided.

3. Getting The Sails For Farming:We shall discus this at large in our next lecture

The intending snail farmer could buy baby snails from us with a very simple request;  quantity.
The eggs are hatched between 21 to 28 days, the eggs would hatch into baby snails. You start feeding them and gradually you raise a snail farm."

4. The Snail House (Snailerry)
Snaileries can vary from a patch of fence-protected ground, sheltered from the --- to a covered ---- if you are breeding in small scale. 

For larger population of snails, you can --------or make a -----with --- deep of ------, and cover it with ------ all around to prevent the snails from escaping. Remember that snails can reproduce fast and become pests when their breeding is uncontrolled. 

Snails love ----and -----, but make sure the humidity does not ----- to the snails. You can use ---- and -----that is regularly ------ to regulate the temperature.

Also, the wire is useful in keeping away rats and snakes or other predators from eating the snails in your snail farm. But aside from these bigger predators, you should be wary about smaller ones like ants and termites. Your construction must have these predators in mind.

5. Snails Foods and Feeding. We shall deal on snail feed in the next lecture
  Once they start growing, separate the big ones from the small ones. It take more than a year for the Elephant type to grow to harvest size. Others mature in two years. 

One million snails after a year or two sold at the rate of N50 each (highly reduced price) will give about N100 million! Isn't that a good investment?

Details Costs N10,500 (ten thousand five hundred naira) for the first 20 people to buy.

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