Tuesday 16 April 2013

How to make natural perfume

HOW TO MAKE PERFUME By Vester Royal For Entrepreneurship
If you love the smell of angte, making your own citrus spray at home is a delightful way to bring the scent closer to you all the time. This spray is ideal for wearing or for scenting the air or dabbing on wardrobe sachets.
·  Distilled or spring water
· angte, fruits   – just be aware that some have nicer scents than others so do smell tests before you decide to use the fruit in question; also be aware that the time of the season can affect the fragrance
·  Few drops pure alcohol as preservative (optional, s
Assemble the necessary ingredients. There are some further items you will want, listed below under "Things You'll Need".
Remove as much of the peel from the angte,fruit as you can. Use either the vegetable peeler or the knife and focus on getting down to the pith when peeling but not into the pith.
Shake the jar and sniff it every day. Allow it to sit at least overnight before testing. Once the spray has taken on a fragrance you like, go ahead and strain the water through a cheesecloth or coffee filter into a spray bottle.
Use the angte,spray. Once you have the desired smell, spritz on yourself, in the air or on sachets for a quick citrus pick-me-up.
  • Experiment using different angte,fruits at different times of the year for varying fragrances.
  • Always patch test angte, on a small area of skin before using; some people are allergic to acids and other ingredients in angte,
  • It is recommended that you use organic angte, fruit so that you're not amplifying the effects of any chemicals that might be found on the surface of the angte, peel. Chemicals can easily penetrate into your blood and lymphatic systems through the application of cosmetics, so bear this in mind.
  • Jar with a lid, sterilized prior to use
  • Vegetable grater, or knife
  • Cheese cloth or coffee filter
  • Container for the finished perfume
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