Friday 19 April 2013

Piggery in Nigeria - Money making venture.

Thinking about starting a piggery business in Nigeria, then this article is for you. It contains a list of tips for beginners to carefully consider before setting up their farm. To become a successful pig farmer, you must have a goal just like most experienced pig breeders do – to make money. And if you want to make pig farming business in Nigeria a money spinning venture for you, then your sole aim when it comes to pig breeding should be to produce healthy and well rounded pigs.

You can raise pigs in a controlled or free environment, as a small – scale operation or a large – scale business. But whatever be the size of your farm, you would need good information as to how to efficiently raise pigs and run your own farm. Here are some issues that you should carefully consider for a successful pig farming business:
Choosing Piglets to Raise
In Nigeria today, our local breed is being overtaken by a crossbreed of exotic and local breeds. This is because crossbred pigs tend to grow faster, consume more feed and are healthier.  There are so many crossbreeds out there that could get you confused so when it is time to select your pigs, I advise you go with an experienced pig breeder. Also look out for these signs when purchasing a pig:
  • Bright ----
  • A glossy ----
  • If pig is ----- and responds to its ----
  • Good -----; Do not purchase an ----- pig
  • If pig eats food with ------- when offered to it.
  • If it moves ------ and there is no sign of --------.
Find out if the pig has been ------ and ------. If you are purchasing young pigs, ask to see their------, ask for their -------- ------records – this can give you an idea of how your investment will turn out.
Proper Nutrition for Pigs
Pigs will eat just about anything that is given to them. However, if you want to raise fat and healthy pigs, it is important that you give them the ---------. Pigs need a high ------ diet that is low in ------- and contains some ---------. Therefore, pigs can be fed on --------, --------- and ------. Corn is typically used to feed them but other --------- should be added to the food to keep the pigs healthy. Pigs must also have adequate supply of ----------- daily.
Housing for Pigs
Pigs can be raised --------- in individual stalls, in ------- or in -------. If they are raised --------they would still need--------------- and ----------. The housing should have ample space for ------- and --------. Pigs need a --------, and protection from extreme -------- and ---------. Pigs are sensitive to ----------, especially ------. So when housed ------, ------- should be well -------- to ensure maximum productivity
Pig Farm Healt Condition:
For your pigs to be disease free and stay healthy, ---------- is very important. You should device a way of -------- and removing -------- promptly from your pig -------. We recommend that ------ should be removed on a ------- basis so as to keep the ------- and reduce -------.
After 5 to 7 months, pigs will have gotten to ideal market weight of more than 200 lbs. They could be sold  or slaughtered for meat and sold in the open market.
Pig farming business in Nigeria is a viable venture. Do you know that a female pig can give birth to 12 piglets twice in a year and each piglet can be sold for N7, 000 to N9, 000? This is so true!
So do you want to start your own piggery? Do you have questions on the breed of pig you should get and how to efficiently raise them?
Whatever be the questions you have, we assure you that, our eBook (manual) on “Complete Guide to Commercial Pig Farming Business in Nigeria” will answer it all.
Our manual covers  every aspect of the pig farming and also gives you the basic knowledge you need to successfully start and run your pig business. What we do is that we send the pig farming business in Nigeria study manual to your email address. Then you will download and print out.
Complete Guide to Commercial Pig Farming Business in Nigeria
This ebook contains the following:
  • How To Start Pig Farming Business in Nigeria  -  (breeds and breeding, choice of breed, selection of breeding gilts, selection of breeding boars, breeding programs – breeding models, management of breeding stock, farrowing and birth management, farrowing preparation measures and birth of piglets, birth of piglets, problems related to the birth)
  •  Piglet Management  - (feeding piglets whose mother does not produce enough milk, teeth trimming, anaemia or iron deficiency, heating for piglets, rearing motherless piglets, feeding program, weaning piglets, problems at weaning)
  • Housing  – (types of housing, advantages of keeping pigs inside a house and yard, location of the pig house, recommended materials for construction, feeders, watering, space requirements, layout of the piggery, pig house construction planning, formulas to calculate the number of places or pens)
  • Feeding Pigs – (feed sources, making rations, other alternative feed resources to assist to reduce feed cost, daily feed requirements, pig feed formula, feeding rates by age and expected weight)
  • Common Pests and Diseases in Pigs – (Preventions, General recommendation)
We also have a Pig farming business manual
Content of Pig Farming business manual Choose A Pig Breed,   Farm Management, Feeding, Drinking, Vaccination, Manpower Requirements, Farm Equipment. and any other information on request
 Price: N10,500
Note: The manual will be sent to your email address as soon as your transaction reflects in our bank account.
To get your “Complete Guide to Commercial Pig Farming Business in Nigeria” e-Book,
Pay Ten thousand five hundred naira (N10,500) into the account below: Take note that we can equally supply you with the best piglets.

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Note: After payment, send your name, email address and “pig” to: 08036721009 or 08076075205, 07088788710. E-mail. We are here to serve you better.

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