Friday 19 April 2013

Free Bulksms lecture

Bulksms business is one of the simplest and easiest online businesses to start in Nigeria. There are many reasons for this:
Profitability Of Bulksms Business:    You can get 100% profit from this business. This depends on how much you buy the units/sms that you will resell. There are some other businesses in Nigeria that have similar profit potential. That is the reason, why many people are rushing to go into this online business.

Bulksms Business Is Not Too Expensive To Start:  The biggest complain many people have about starting any kind of business is availability of sufficient capital .But with the bulksms business, you can start with as low as N1,000 (One Thousand Naira). Even students can start this business with their pocket money and deny themselves the pleasure of drinking some bottles of beer. This is real, dependable and affordable with us today at  We promise strongly to teach the secret of this business . We assure you that, you will make marvelous gain from this business and smile from bank to bank within three months of setting up your own business.

 Bulkssms Business Requires No Money For Registration: You do not need to pay any registration fee or API fee. You have no need to build your own website, you are free to use ours for your own business, just register with us at   free of charge and call 08036721009 for directives or apply free of charge through our e-mail Everything will be handled for you by our specialists/customer care unit. Technical skills can still help but is not required now. Bulksms business does not require having an office. You can run this great business right  from the comfort of your home , in cyber cafes, your handsets/gsm Phone, or anyway you choose. This means you can still work your full time job while you grow your bulksms business .This will add to your monthly income and ultimately, replace your day job.You can even run this business, even if you are a fulltime employee or you are even a student. Only online businesses can give you this kind of leverage.

Many people now use bulksms services to announce and invite friends to their weddings and other kinds of ceremonies? It is now clear that many big businesses, small businesses and organizations now use bulksms to advertise and reach their targeted audience? Even Churches, Politicians, Banks, Universities, polithnics and other organizations have realized that bulk sms is a faster, and most effective means to disseminate information to the public via bulksms.
It is interesting to inform you that we sale bulksms units as low as N1.00 per unit/sms to all networks in Nigeria, while you can sell at N2.50 as against N4.00 and N5.00 sold by major net work providers like, Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel, Glo etc.. Try us today and see the difference.

For you to enjoy or send bulksms, you must creat free account with Vester Royal Business Magnet Company. How to register, just writ on your browser click on the Registration, wait for some seconds a registration form will pop up. Fill in.



Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
Then click on Register and wait for three seconds. Then "You may now log in." will appear on the screen.  Go to the login portal and enter your username and the password you registered. This is the end of the first registration. When, you logined in click on compose message wait for two seconds "Your phone GSM Phone Number is required" will pop up on your screen, then click on Ok. Go back again and click on compose message this form requiring your phone number and date of birth will pop up. Fill the form and click on Update. You are now registered and you can now send message as free unit will automatically be awarded to you by the website.


Now that you have completed your registration you can send bulksms to your friends and well-wishers or to your clients/students following these steps. 
(a)Login with your username and password. (b) Click on compose message. A page with three boxes will pop up on your screen namely: Sender Id, (2) Type Receipts and (3) Type Message. In sender Id box, fill in the name you want the message to bear eg. VesterRoyal. Note the letters must not be more than eleven (11) letters. Next, fill in the phone numbers of your receipt that, is phone numbers of those you wish to receive the message. In the message box type the message you wish to send to the receipts and then click on send. Congratulations. The did is done, your receipts will automatically receive the messages on their phones. 

How to buy Sms/units

Walk direct into any branch of Ecobank or Zenith Bank  in Nigeria and pay into our company's account according to the number of units/sms you wish to buy. For reliable bulksms portal or website click HERE

Thanks for choosing. for your bulksms and others

Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing.
The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include ICT, Industrial

Agriculture, Export and Import, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Plant/Machine
Fabrication, Mining and Quarry,   Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation are
facilitated by seasoned professionals in their respective fields. Our account detail are as follows:

Account No: 1013355170

Account No:4392017160.
Banker: Ecobank Ltd
After Payment call or send text message stating,username
, bank paid, teller no and amount paid, to: 08036721009 , 08076075205 or 07088788710, or send us e-mail to for details.
 For more details call:- 08036721009, 08076075205, 07088788710, or  E-mail:-
We are here to serve you well.




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