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How to Produce Toilet Roll in Nigeria.

Toilet Roll Processing Business, I want to let you know that toilet rolls are an everyday consuming necessity used by every person. The market is ongoing and is not dependent on economic cycle and its one of the fastest moving consumer goods in the Nigeria commodity market today. The demand for toilet roll would continue to expand as the standard of living continues to get higher every day. Special supply are always made to Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Offices etc; they most times demand to brand their names or trademark on the tissue labels or surface for awareness and adverts purposes.

The Toilet Roll production plant is a stationary one to be sourced locally with just 3 raw materials.
1) Core making Paper
2) Tissue Jumbo Reel,
3) Cassava starch for gluing the core tube and also for sealing the tissue tips.

The complete Unit or set of machines are made up of 4 different machines with different functions.

1) The Core making machine:- This is the machine that produce the inner thick brown or white paper which the tissue papers are rolled on, from cardboard papers to core tube, this machine can be optional since there are other manual and cheaper ways of producing a handmade core with PVC pipes that we will train you during installation, but if you insist on getting this machine, it is fabricated in Nigeria by our fabricators
Rewinding Machine
2) The Jumbo Reel Rewinding Machine is the machine which recoils from jumbo reels to the core tube, and automatically stopped at a programmed diameter size by the help of a limit switch. Sizes can either be --- by --- inches length and diameter (Normal Tissue Size), ---by --- inches length and diameter (Jumbo Tissue Size), ---&half  by --- inches  length and diameter (Hotel sizes) and --- by --- inches (Kitchen Towels size).

This machine is sold together with the Band Saw Cutting Machine for -- -- Naira without endorsement and -----with embossment.
N.B. Embossement are the deep prints on the surface of the Tissue and a Tissue Roll can either be plain or embossed.

The Band-saw cutting machine.
3) The Band-saw cutting machine, by the means of a very shape rolling blade and an adjuster, cuts the long length recoiled tissue into its normal sizes there by making both edges of the tissue rolls very neat and perfectly slatted.  

The Glass Nylon wrappers goes for - Naira per piece or there about, having build your customized Cylinder or Mold, The wrapping process are performed manually.

4) Hot Gun and Sealing Machines are needed so as to shrink the wrapper and make it more tightly and to also sealing the Tissue Bags or Tissue Bails which contains-- pic Normal Size or -- pics Jumbo Size.

Our fabricators, fabricates these machines here in  Nigeria and we can assist in importing foreign machines for our clients. And the efficiency, reliability and durability of the machines are guaranteed. The Major Raw material which is the Jumbo Reel is a giant size tissue roll like the size of a G.P. Tank. These Jumbo reels are rolled in --- kg size which means that --- giant sizes of --- kg jumbo make a ton, some company roll theirs in -- giant sizes that is --- into ---and --- making 1 ton.
Jumbo Reels are manufactured in Nigeria by many paper recycling companies and are sold at . The companies that manufacture Jumbo Reels includes ---  the production of toilet rolls involves the following processes. First, the core making paper glued and folded round a PVC pipe to the length of --fts then the PVC pipe will be pulled out after the folded papers hardened is turned to a handmade core tube or core pipe which is fed into the rewinding machine and tissue from the Jumbo reels are then glued to the core pipe and the rolling begins at the push of a button which automatically stops at --or --inches diameter respectively depending on your limit switch adjustment.

This is now sent to the---- Machine where the Toilet Rolls is --- into the desired market size. The finished toilet rolls are then manually wrapped with a printed glass nylon or paper wrapper and packaged in a bag or bail of ---or --- pics, sealed and sent to the store, ready for sale. The finishing is just perfect.

Toilet roll making industry requires --- workers for the --- ton per day maximum daily output of the machines(---male operators on the machines and --- female workers for the wrapping and core making section)

Technology Parameter

       Width of raw material: ---m,---m (Other width needs to order)

2.       Diameter of raw material: ≤Φ----

3.       Diameter of finished product(mm): ≤Φ----

4.       Width of slitting(mm): Adjustable

5.       Inner diameter of core of raw material :---mm

6.       Paper stands quantity : --- can be ordered

7.       Speed: -------m/min

8.       Overall size (mm): model ----: ----x----x---- model
----: ----x----x----

9.       Power: ----to----KW

10.   Weight:1800kg-4800kg


II. Function and Features 
 Rewinding or Slitting Machine is mainly used to cut and rewind toilet paper, non-woven and air laid paper. This equipment rewind and cut the paper into 2 layers, 3 layers or 4 layers jumbo roll from single layer. The finished jumbo rolls are supplied for folding tissue, napkin paper, boxed tissue, toilet paper and so on. This equipment has the feature of tight structure, easy operation, stable operation, which is the ideal equipment to fund paper-making factory and paper processing factory

Our human development training programs are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing. The training cuts across different segment of the economy which includes: ICT, Industrial setups, Agriculture, Export, Import, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing,Plant/Machine Fabrication, Mining , Quarry, Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation are facilitated by our seasoned professionals in their respective fields. 

Fabricated Toilet Roll Machine.

We can fabricate and install the under listed brands and models of machines for our     clients.In addition we provide training on how to use the machines to produce quality products comparable to foreign products.
Rewinding Machine/ Cutter
VRRM 190, 2009 model
Rewinding Machine/Embossment/ Cutter
VRRM 201, 2011 model
Rewinding Machine/Embossment/ Cutter
VRRM 206, 2014 model
Rewinding Machine/Embossment/ Cutter/Perforator.
VRRM 207, 2015
Core Making Machine
VRCM. 201 (2011) Optional  
Severt Machine 
VRRS 206 (2014 model) Single

Warranty period: One year(Except easily replaced parts), and will provide long term services including providing spare parts at low price and will heart and soul help the buyer to solve any problem that may occur.  

If you want this type of business to work for you, start working on a business plan and take action as soon as possible.

Account Name: Vester Royal Business Magnet Company

 Call:08036721009, 07088788710 or e-mail on payment of the Toilet roll business plan fee of Ten thousand five hundred naira (N10,500). This amount is payable into our Company’s account above.



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  4. Roll Rewinding Machine- If you are in a high production business or you are working in a big production company, you will certainly see that there are always raw materials that are on a flat sheet. These sheets are always in bulk and might seem to be useless. These roll of films, cloth, paper or metals can be slit or rewind to make it useful again by using roll rewinding machines.

  5. How much can it cost to set up the tissue business?

  6. hello dis are old post ,are u guys still available

    1. We are still available.We fabricate and procure machines, do the installation, training and show our clients where to get the raw materials.

  7. hello dis are old post are you guys still available

  8. We are still available.We fabricate and procure machines, do the installation, training and show our clients where to get the raw materials.

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