Wednesday 18 December 2013

How to produce baby food at home

Preparing your baby's food at home is not just more economical, but has many other benefits. Find out more about it.

Uchenna is the mother of eight-month-old twins. When she wished to introduce them to
solid food at the age of six months, she was not sure what would be best for them. She started them on commercial baby food brands, but soon realized that these were too expensive to buy on an daily basis.

It was Uchenna’s mother who gave her the idea of making her own baby food. Besides being more economical, it also gave the twins the opportunity to try out a whole new range of foods.

As a parent, these are some of the advantages of preparing your own baby food:
  • Home made baby food works out much cheaper.
  • It is healthier, since it is made from fresh ingredients and does not contain preservatives.
  • You have much more control over what goes into your baby's food. This way you can avoid foods that do not seem to suit your baby.
  • Your baby gets used to eating a whole range of foods; this will help prevent fussy eating habits later on.
  • You can ensure that the quality of the raw materials you use to prepare the food is good.
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