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How to start GSM recharge card printing in Nigeria

Recharge Card Printing Machine for all networks
Recharge card is one of the GSM products that every GSM user can't do without. Research has it that recharge cards or vouchers are the fastest selling products in the country accounting for over 10 million patronages per day. What a goldmine you say? No wonder, the recharge voucher printing business keeps booming amidst strong competitions and so many call centers springing up across the country day in, day out. This market is still growing and will continue to grow as long as telecommunications and mobile phones still exist. The reason is because the business has come to stay with the capacity to generate millions of Naira from Nigerians who cannot do without buying recharge cards to connect with people for different purposes.

If you’ve been longing to venture into this money making opportunity in the recharge card business but you don't know how or where to start, this lecture is your ticket to the mega opportunity in the GSM/DSTV/MY TV recharge card business.

I hate to see my fellow Nigerian youths struggle financially especially at this time of economic challenges. The unemployment rate in Nigeria is
not even helping matters. And this was the major reason I set up a free training on how to make thousands from Blogging and Ad sense.

In like manners, I have gathered this free report to empower youths, unemployed or anyone that is looking to expand and make some extra cash. This is my own token to help Nigerians benefit from this rich source of wealth using the internet

To say the fact, I have been very fascinated by this business that I found it difficult to withhold the secrets of this business from people like you who are interested in making more money.

This business is so profitable in the sense that, at least one person in every home in Nigeria, in one way or the other, buy recharge card(s} on a daily

Just think of it, don’t you buy recharge card?
Is there anyone else doing the same in your home or house?

Even despite the hard times, thousands of phones are still been sold on a daily basis and also, millions of recharge cards are been sold along every single day. Of course, everyone buy recharge cards and by doing so you are making some people richer.

Yet, very few people (about 10%) are opened to the reality of joining the group of sub-dealers and making huge profit through direct print1ng of bulk
vouchers/recharge cards.

Many secondary school students are now using phones not minding using their pocket money to buy recharge cards. The aged are also in the game as their children send them recharge cards as a way of sending them money so that they can sell it for cash.

The telecoms are extending their services to more villages, covering more areas in Nigeria every day and just imagine how profitable
it will be for someone to embrace a business like this especially at a locality where there is no or low competition. Even if you are located at a
place where there are competitors, you will still have your own share of the market, no matter what. The truth of the matter is, competitions or no competitions, what really matters is how to go about carrying out the business efficiently and effectively.

The recharge card printing business is getting easier day-by-day with the introduction of the internet. Few years ago, for any recharge card businessman to be involved in the recharge card business, he/she will have to travel down to a dealer’s office in which most of them reside in Lagos. As a result of this, the businessman risks his/her life and also his cash by traveling from far distance down to Lagos. But today,the story has changed!

With the advancement in technology, any person that wants to be involved in this business can now easily start print1ng recharge vouchers from any part of Nigeria. You can even do this business without leaving your bedroom if you have access to the internet.

As at today, all you need to start this business is to get access to an authorized dealer (Major Dealers), and make your transactions easily by
simply paying them or into their company’s account. Then, notify them of your payment and you will get your recharge PINs in your email inbox where you can
then print it out and start sell1ing in your locality. This process has become so easy compare to taking the risk of traveling or carrying bulky cash around the country.

The Telecommunication Companies are now declaring their profits and turnovers which are running into trillions of Naira. Isn’t that amazing? The most
interesting part is that we can all have our share of this goldmine through printing and sell1ng of these recharge cards. You can start this business
on a large scale, medium or small scale having at the back of your mind that your profit will depend on how much you put into it – as your capital.

I know that you are asking yourself now...

How true is this Recharge Card Business? I do receive several calls from individuals asking me this same question.

Despite the fact that the GSM industry has become a widely accepted business, some people still doubt the authenticity and legality of this wonderful and profitable business.

Let me use this medium to tell you that the recharge card print1ng business in Nigeria is as legal as any other legalized business in Nigeria. This is one of the businesses in Nigeria that you can do and the EFCC will not come after you.

Let me explain this section very well…

You see, before now, it is only the Major Dealers in the telecommunication industry that have the right to print recharge vouchers. These Dealers have to pay millions of Naira and followed stringent rules to become Dealers that can print vouchers and sell to Sub-Dealers who in turn sell to Retailers and finally to the Consumers (that’s you and me).

However, with the advent of certain software, internet and computer, this has now changed for better. The recharge voucher printing business has
become accessible to everyone. Ordinary people who don’t have millions (as start-up capital) like me and you can now participate in the business easily. Although you need to have the knowledge, skills and appropriate tools/software/devices in order to get started and succeed in this business.

The rights to recharge cards is vested only on the telecommunication operators in the country such as MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, Visafone, Starcomms and so on, while people like me and you can easily
print recharge vouchers in partnership with some Major Dealers in the telecommunication industry, whom the GSM operators have given the sole license to distribute their recharge PINs.

It should be noted that recharge cards is different from recharge vouchers. The recharge cards are in hard paper form, sealed with computerized security silver panel containing the PIN numbers for recharging. While the recharge vouchers are printed on soft papers with or without the name of the wholesaler on them and with no special security features.

In summary, only the GSM Operators can print the computerized security sealed recharge cards while you and I can only print the recharge vouchers printed on ordinary soft papers.

In a lay man’s explanation, recharge card (N400 and above) are the ones you need to scratch before you can see the recharge PIN numbers while the ones on ordinary white soft paper are recharge vouchers (N100 and N200 ‘credits’). This means you can ONLY print recharge vouchers and not recharge cards.

It is of general believe that the process involved in recharge vouchers business is a tedious and technical one, but to be frank with you, most of
the technicalities have now been taken care of by the dealers who now offer different tools to individuals for them to start printing recharge vouchers on their own, even with just a few clicks of button.

Different Levels in Recharge Card Printing Business

In the recharge card business, there are just 3
major levels and they are:

1.    Dealers
2.    Sub-Dealers
3.    Small-Scale Investors

I will take a little time to explain this levels one after the other so that you can understand where you stand and how to get started on your own.

As a Dealer, you will be transacting directly with the GSM operators. At this level, you really need a large sum of money to venture into the Dealership level because if you don’t have your millions, the GSM operators won’t even listen to you. About N12 to N20 million is required (depending on your location and the network you want to partner with).

Although the initial start-up capital together with other requirements and conditions vary according to the GSM operators, your business will
be more profitable if you have direct supply from the GSM operators themselves. More so, as a major dealer, you will be entitled to incentives such as car allowance, housing allowance, oversea trips,etc, all sponsored by the GSM operators.

All been said, if you don’t have what it takes to be a Dealer, then the next level should be your next option.

As a Sub-Dealer, you will have to transact directly with the Dealers. You have no business with the GSM operators themselves. As a Sub-Dealer, your account will be attached to that of a major Dealer, and the supply and provisions of the recharge PINs will be coming directly from the Major Dealer.

It should be noted that, as a Sub-Dealer, you do not have access to all the incentives and allowances granted to the Major Dealers.

You can start this with as low as N50,000 to N1,000,000

However, not having huge start-up capital to invest does not mean that you are counted out of the business; you can still start with a minimum
amount of N10,000, which some Major Dealers will allow.

As a Small-Scale Investor, you cannot print recharge vouchers but you can still get a share of the market with as little as N2,000 by dealing with Sub-Dealers.

As a Small-Scale Investor, you can easily negotiate with any of the Sub Dealers on how to get the printed vouchers in packs. There are usually
10 PINs on one pack of vouchers and it is been sold as 1 pack or half pack. You can start from this level if you don't have enough to invest in the business at first. Then when you can convert into a Sub Dealer, you will be
on your way to making some good money in the business.

It should be noted that this business will NOT make you rich overnight but can earn you some cool money and make you survive the current economic hardship. Little profits re-invested into this business over a period of time can surely get you there. This is very possible but you must be very ready to sow so as to reap.

Do the printing yourself
We provide four methods of recharge card printing manuals viz: (a) Printing with your Computer  = N5,500, (b) Printing with Software= N10,500 (c) Printing with company customized Machine N60,500 and (d) Printing with Pos = N90,000 kit and direction fees are inclusive. As you may wish to buy our manual state exactly the category you are ordering for to avoid mistakes while sending the manual. Those who wish  to buy pins/POS outside our area of jurisdiction shall pay a direction fee of N10,500 (Ten thousand five hundred naira). This do not include  manual fee. All payments are to be made into our company's account. 
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  1. Little drops of water makes mighty ocean. It is tested ok.

    1. Recharge card business is one of the many small scale business in Nigeria.
      I for one use to think that there is nothing much in this business, because most of the people I know running this business will tell you that there is nothing in it and that they are just doing it to keep themselves busy, but I want to tell you that it is all a big fat lie. Most of them don't need competition so they rather discourage you from joining them in this business. Ok, have you ever thought about this, if they are not making money, why are they still in the business?

      I had a friend in NYSC, he told me about Mr Bright how the man introduce he into the business, he holy told the boy to register with he, and the boy register with money and the guy started the business and within a short while he bought a bike that he started using for his supply, that was when I started making enquirer about this business.

      Recharge card retail business is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but you can make money if you know how to do your thing.

      Four parties are involve in the production, distribution and sales of recharge card. They are;

      1. Telecom Operators
      2. Telecom Operator's Agent
      3. Wholesalers
      4. Retailer
      For those who is siting down there without job or with out business you can contact MR Bright with this number 08154053024 for help

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  2. Recharge card printing is a gold mine in Nigeria.

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