Sunday 6 October 2013

Guide on how to Produce Liquid Soap

The use of liquid soap is presently on the high demand, as many people prefer to buy and use liquid soap to wash cloth and kitchen utensils because it requires less energy. Liquid soap production a lucrative business but demands little capital to venture into  and start making huge profit within six months. The process of formulating liquid soap remains as that of the other solid soap only that it exist as liquid. The base of the product is water.
The quantity of water that is required for the production of a given volume of detergent is relatively high. It is necessary to have a good source of water supply when you want to venture into liquid soap production. In this post I will be sharing with you a step by step guide on how to produce liquid soap for commercial use.

Requirement for Liquid Soap production
Mixing bowl
Hand glove
Wooden spoon

1.  Picaro or antisol                                         
2.  Foaming                                                      
3.  Soda ash                                                    
4.  Surphuric acid                                                     
5.  Formaline
6.  Colour
7.  Perfume or fragrance

  • Mix Picaro or antisol( ) and foaming ( ) together with (-)litres of water
  • Mix soda ash (-)kg and surphuric Acid together with (-)olitres of water
  • After mixing (-and -) and (- and -) together separately, wait for at least -days for the chemicals to ferment, then join the mixture in A and B together and mix very well. The thickness or lightness depends on the amount of water you eventually use.
  • Add preservative-formaline -litres
  • Add colour- Water Green to taste
  • Add perfume or fragrance to taste
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Fill your cans or containers as necessary.
  • Your liquid soup is ready for use or for sale.

For 15litres of water

1.  Antisol                 ( - ) tin milk
2.  Soda Ash   (-) tin milk
3.  Sulphonic acid       - litres
4.  formalin      (-)covers of lacasera
5.  colour                     as deep as you want
6.  Perfume     ( -) covers of lacasera

  • Mix antisol or picaro (1 tin milk) and foaming (- tin milk) together with (-)litres of water
  • Mix soda ash ( -) tin milk) and surphuric acid (- litres ) together with -litres of water

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