Friday 25 October 2013

How to produce Okpaigba Meal.

Okpaigba is a kind of crop that is commonly found in Eboyi and Enugu state of Nigeria. Local farmers in these two states usually produce it in commercial quantity.  Women prepares a delicious meal from the nut and it is sold like hot cake in markets around Eastern Nigeria and in some other states in Nigeria. In and around 1980, it was popularly known as Okpa  9th Mile, 9th mile is in Enugu state.

It is very common to see Okpaigba served at parties nowadays, 
Okpaigba can be eaten alone as a meal , but most times it is served with other Nigerian meals such as  Pap( Akamu), Jollof Rice, Boiled white rice ,Fried rice, and stew, etc.
This delicious meal can be cooked in various ways .The most common method is cooking Okpaigba in bowls, Aluminum Foil Bags, Banana Leaves, or in heat proof nylons.
People in this Okpaigba business mostly women, young girls and boys makes not less than N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira ) per month as they started the business with as  little as Five thousand naira (N5,000) and averagely makes up to Ten thousand naira (N10,000) every day. 

Equipment needed for the production.
® Grinder. ® Mutter, ® Piston, ®Basin, ® Turner, ® Port, ® Big spoon, ® Nylon (water Proof/ heat proof nylons).

Materials needed for the preparation of Okpaigba Meal.
® Igba nuts,      ® Palm fruits,   ® Catfish,   ® Fresh fish, ® Meat, ® Paper, ® Water, ® Colorant, ® Tomatoes ® Magi Soup,    ® Salt.
First soak the Okpaigba  for four hours and wash it, by scrubbing off the bean coat. Make sure you removed the entire Okpaigba bean coat until you are left with coatless Okpaigba  .
If you have a powerful industrial blender, you can grind the Okpaigba  now, but if not, you can go to public grinding machine that is located near you for the grinding.
After grinding the Okpaigba nut the next step is to cook the palm fruits and pound them in a muter adding water to Okpaigba powder according to its size and squeezing water/oil out from the pounded palm fruits. Mix the water with the grinded Okpaigba powder before adding any other thing. Now add the following Catfish. Fresh fish, Dry fish, Meat, Paper, Colorant, Tomatoes, Magi Soup, Salt etc.
When you add those things stir it with the big spoon to mix well. After turning or stirring, start packaging, during this time of packaging spoon will be used to share the Okpaigba substance into the Nylon (water Proof/ heat proof nylons) or foil bags or banana leaves. Immediately after the packaging, put the packets into the stainless port and start cooking or heating it for about forty five minutes until is done for eating, then you drop the port from heat and remove it from the  port. Wait for about five to ten minutes to cool before eating.

Congratulations. You are through, start making money or start enjoying your product.

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