Tuesday 22 October 2013

How to produce Energy Yeast.

Energy.  Is the ability to put effort and enthusiasm into an activity, work etc. The physical and mental effort that is used to do something, a source of power, such as fuel, used for driving machines, Providing heat etc. The ability matter or radiation to work because of its mass, movement, electric charge etc.
 Yeast.  Is a fungus used in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise.
For the purpose of this blog, Energy yeast is combinations of minerals, vitamins, fats and many other nutritional materials that make all parts of the body to function and grow well without any impediment.
Energy Yeast works like magic and miracle in human body in bring back human nature in us when we are deficient in some body requirement or when any part of our body malfunctioned. It will automatically restore it to normalcy within a short period of time. It is energy food drink that is being taken like tea morning and evening, although it is medicinal.
Equipments needed for the production of Energy Yeast are as follows:-
a.       Grinder.    b. Mixer.  C. Scale. d. Packets.  e. Labels.
Formula 1. 100g:
In order to get the mixture well you have to be careful in mixing the ingredients or less you will produce a low quality of Energy Yeast. To produce standard Energy yeast you have to mix your ingredients in the following ratio. Fats……Energy ( ) KCL --,  fat -- g caebohydrate. -- g protein ---g

Formula 2

-- gallon non-carbonated beverage
-- to --pinches potassium chloride-based salt substitute
-- pinches table salt
-- to -- daily dose liquid B-vitamin supplements
Herbal extracts such as ginseng, if desired.
Yeast Rice.
medical/food grade caffeine, no more than 200 mg
Less than 200 mg medical/food grade caffeine.
-- to -- pinches of potassium chloride based salt substitute.
-- gallon of a flavourful,
sodium chloride(3 pinches of normal table/edible salt)
Mix and chill well.
Then put in the drier for about 20 minutes. Congratulations It is done. Start packaging and labeling.
Bear  in mind that you must have your company registered as stated in one of our manuals how to register a company.

How to prepare  Energy Yeast for Drinking.        
(    (a)  Pour content of one sachet into a tea cup. (b) Fill with 150ml of hot water. (c) Turn or stir well before drinking.

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