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Cyber Cafe Business on payment after satifactory installation of Equipment

 Cyber café is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the “café” in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually charged on a time-based rate. Internet cafés are located worldwide, and many people use them when traveling to access webmail and instant messaging services to keep in touch with their home office, family and friends. Apart from travelers, in many developing countries Internet cafés are the primary form of Internet access for citizens as a shared-access model is more affordable than personal ownership of equipment and/or software. A variation on the Internet café business model is the LAN gaming center, used for multiplayer gaming. These cafés have several computer stations connected to a LAN. The connected computers are custom-assembled for game play, supporting popular multiplayer games. This is reducing the need for video arcades and arcade games, many of which are being closed down or merged into Internet cafés. The use of Internet cafés for multiplayer gaming is particularly popular in certain areas of Asia like India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines. In some countries, since practically all LAN gaming centers also offer Internet access, the terms net cafe and LAN gaming center have become interchangeable. Again, this shared-access model is more affordable than personal ownership of equipment and/or software, especially since games often require high end and expensive PCs.
There are also Internet kiosks, Internet access points in public places like public libraries, airport halls, sometimes just for brief use while standing. Many hotels, resorts, and cruise ships offer Internet access for the convenience of their guests; this can take various forms, such as in-room wireless access, or a web browser that uses the in-room television set for its display (usually in this case the hotel provides a wireless keyboard on the assumption that the guest will use it from the bed), or computer(s) that guests can use, either in the lobby or in a business center. As with telephone service, in the US most mid-price hotels offer Internet access from a computer in the lobby to registered guests without charging an additional fee, while fancier hotels are more likely to charge for the use of a computer in their "business center."
For those traveling by road in North America, many truck stops have Internet kiosks, for which a typical charge is around 20 cents per minute.
Internet cafés come in a wide range of styles, reflecting their location, main clientele, and sometimes, the social agenda of the proprietors. In the early days they were important in projecting the image of the Internet as a 'cool' phenomenon.
Internet cafés are a natural evolution of the traditional café. Cafés started as places for information exchange, and have always been used as places to read the paper, send postcards home, play traditional or electronic games, chat to friends, find out local information. Cafés have also been in the forefront of promoting new technologies, for example, the car in 1950s California.
As Internet access is in increasing demand, many pubs, bars and cafés have terminals, so the distinction between the Internet café and normal café is eroded. In some, particularly European countries, the number of pure Internet cafés is decreasing since more and more normal cafés offer the same services. However, there are European countries where the total number of publicly accessible terminals is also decreasing. An example of such a country is Germany. The cause of this development is a combination of complicated regulation, relatively high Internet penetration rates, the widespread use of notebooks and PDAs and the relatively high number of WLAN hotspots. Many pubs, bars and cafés in Germany offer WLAN, but no terminals since the Internet café regulations do not apply if no terminal is offered. Additionally, the use of Internet cafés for multiplayer gaming is very difficult in Germany since the Internet café regulations and a second type of regulations which was originally established for video arcade centers applies to this kind of Internet cafés. It is, for example, forbidden for people under the age of 18 to enter such an Internet café, although particularly people under 18 are an important group of customers for this type of Internet café.
While most Internet cafés are owned by private businessesmen, many have been set up to help bridge the 'digital divide', providing computer access and training to those without home access. For example, the UK government has supported the setting up of 6000 telecentres.
In Asia, gaming is very popular at the Internet cafés. This popularity has helped to create a strong demand and a sustainable revenue model for most Internet cafés. With growing popularity, there also comes with this a responsibility as well. In fighting for competitive market share, the Internet cafés have started charging less and hence are adopting alternate means to maximize revenue. This includes selling food, beverages, game and telephone cards to its patrons.
In several countries Internet cafés have adopted sweepstakes promotions, these are commonly referred to as sweepstakes parlors, using sweepstakes software to promote the Internet time they sell. The legal intricacies of running sweepstakes have been shoved onto this modified business model causing some speculation and confusion amongst many law enforcement officials in several areas. The legal action that will be applied to sweepstakes software providers is still to be seen but several internet cafés using "non-certified" software have been raided and shut down. The sweepstakes software providers that have been certified seem legitimate and the cafés using the promotions have proven themselves to be effective "earning between $1,000-$5,000 a month per computer". The future of this adaptation remains to be seen as some of the illegal software companies are weeded out from the more successful (certified) providers.
  1. and cigarettes inside their establishment
  2. Allow open view of rented computers (i.e. no closed cubicles)
  3. Front wall panel is 50% transparent to allow a clear view of the interior of the establishment
How profitable is the business. The profit is very okay.
Startup capital need for the business.
You can start the cyber cafe business on a small scale. You can start with 5 computer systems; just make sure you have a good and reliable internet connection. And you don’t have to look for brand new systems, if you cannot afford them. You can buy a fairly used systems (tukumbo). But if you have sufficient fund, you can go for brand new computers.
What it takes to start a cyber cafe business.
You have to be computer literate. it’s very important. without computer knowledge ,you cannot operate a cyber cafe successfully, you also need some reliable engineers that services your system for you or repair it when there is a breakdown. Challenges of a cyber cafe business.

1 If you have cyber shop assistance, you have to purchase software that will tell you how many times you were logged into. This software makes you to calculate your money.

2.With the advent of smart phones and cheap internet access from telecommunication companies there is a reduction of client who visit cyber cafe in Nigeria, many users of the internet surf to their prefer website from their phone in the comfort of their home and only visit cyber cafe when need demand that they make some scanning, printing or any other activities they cannot do on phones.
3. Competition: If your cyber cafe business is located close to another cafe there is going to be a sharp battle for who wins the available client. That which has good internet speed and customer care will win. When choosing a place to locate your cyber Cafe University and higher institution are better place to locate them.
4. Power supply: insufficient power supply is one setback of cyber cafe business, however if you are in a location that has high number of hours of electricity present, you can still profit by running the remain hours with generator.
Strategies for running a cyber cafe business.
You will try to be friendly to everyone. A times, you have to crack jokes with your customers. When they need assistance. We have to render help. Then, whenever the server is low, we give like 10 t0 20 minutes extra time, just to encourage them. You meet with different kinds of people, so you have to serve them with satisfaction.

Cyber cafe business gives opportunities for researchers and seekers of information to access the internet for their solution with just a little money. Providing this kind of business require some tips and tricks to be successful. This small business in Nigeria has continue to be profitable.

Our contact’s customized Ka-band Vsat Internet solution for Cyber Cafes is a breakthrough satellite broadband internet service specially developed for cyber café use.
This solution uses a proven technology to offer customized Ka-band internet service for cyber cafes. This technology maximizes spectral efficiency through frequency re-use. While this sounds rather technical, it means that our Ka-band solution can provide high power, concentrated beams targeted over specific areas with very high quality of service with small dishes.
It also comes with our customized billing server for maximum control of your bandwidth and data usage.
  1. Full installation and testing before payment.
  2. Small Antenna size.
  3. Very Low entry cost.
  4. High throughput - up to 15mbps download speed.
  5. Very affordable and flexible.
  6. Billing server comes with advanced customer captive page login features.
  7. It can create and manage data limited tickets for effective control of reckless downloads. i.e. 10mb, 20mb, 30mb tickets etc.
  8. It can create and manage bandwidth restricted tickets, i.e. 1hr ticket with 32/64kbps bandwidth limit, 1hr ticket with 64/128kbps bandwidth limit etc.
  9. It can also create and manage time restricted tickets like night only, day only and weekend only tickets etc.
  10. It is pre configured as a plug and play devise which makes it very easy to use.
  11. It is a standalone device that does not require a computer to function effectively.
  12. It has a very beautiful and customizable login page.
  13. Works for both wireless and wired clients.

 We undertake supply, full installation and test of our service before payment. We assure you that our contact will do you proud. For more information contact Vester  Royal Business Magnet Company. E-mail: or call 08036721009, 08076075205, 07088788710.
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  3. , many pubs, bars and cafés have terminals, so the distinction between the Internet café and normal café is eroded. In some, home business opportunities