Thursday 24 July 2014

How to make N50,000 In a Week

Good Friend,

I am introducing to you my new package,that is ready to set up an
1nternet business that is guaranteed of producing cash immediately, thousands of it, for you.

Lets go...

There is one basic truth.

And the truth is that, from time immemorial, there have never been greater, more diverse, and more lucrative opportunity in the field of information marketing for everyone ranging from experience, successful entrepreneurs to beginners.

With little cash in hand "nothing down",

If you can name a topic, there is a market for providing information and solutions simply by creating and running an information marketing business.

I can still remember when I place my first advert with 1,800.

I was scared... but that seed made than N12,000 in one week.

The beauty of it all is that you can work from home. can work from home.

The key is just to find a responsive market and then package the information they want in a convenient format like e-book,
CD, Videos etc.

I love the 1nternet life style because it...

Enables me to create my product once and reap from it. and....

I don't sit in a shop/office waiting to see my customers.


- no staff to hire (remember the auto-responder is there)

- little capital investment (compared to other biz) and

- huge profits.

The last one actually made me smile :)

I am smiling because this business brings me regular 1ncome and you can make it as small or large as you want.

It all depends on you.

But for me, it was nothing down....

Just N25,800

Hey.... don't get it twisted; I actually started over 8yrs ago.

So, how do you get started?

To get started, you need three essential things

1. Targeting; finding a hungry and thirsty crowd (buyers)

2. Baiting: Creating an irresistible bait to get them

3. Bond: Building relationship and selling to them (auto-responder)

You must ensure that your target is filled with people who;

1. Can easily be identified
2. Have an immediate need/want/problem
3. Are highly motivated to look for solutions
4. Have money to spend.

These are the steps...

Get them right and you are good to go...

But hear this;

I once created a product to sell to people looking for jobs;
I price it for N1,500 and I did not make much sales.

Here is why; they don't have money to spend so they don't
fit into the above criteria.

So you...

Don't bother yourself too much...

This I will do for you....

1. I will help you set up your own online business.
2. I will create a HOT selling product for you
3. I will create the website and sales letter for you
4. I will add an auto-responder and create an email campaign for you
5. I will write a very POWERFUL advert for you
6. I will give you my 50K Weekly Cash Course that will show you, how to make over =N= 50,000 weekly with your website.

Note: This offer is closing soon, no jokes.

For you to get this business setup just pay in the sum of Twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000) into any of these bank accounts and send the following info.Your name, Date of payment, Amount paid, Bank paid in, Teller No and purpose of payment to 08036721009,07088788710 or e-mail: for intimidate supply of your order through your e-mail. 

Zenith Bank Plc: 
Account Name:Vester Royal Business Magnet Company.
Account No: 1013355170

Ecobank (Nig) Ltd:
Account No:4392017160.
After Payment call or send text message stating, your
 email address, bank paid in, teller no, Purpose of payment.
 and amount paid, to: 08036721009,or 
07088788710 for immediate delivery of your order.


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