Monday 11 November 2013

How to produce Pure Water (bottled and Sachet Water)

Pure Water Industry
For one to start Pure Water production, he must have to put into considerations   facilities which include Factory Building, Machinery and Equipment, Utilities like Vehicle; Registering with -----and--------- which must be obtain and are important items that must be done before any other thing will take place. 
A standard pure water-producing factory must be of international standard as set for food and water production. Bottled/sachet water production is a lucrative business if well handled. It yields more than 100% Return On Investment (ROI) in less than one year,  if the entrepreneur/management knows how to run the business effectively. However, it's unfortunate that many people who are already in pure water business are not knowledgeable enough or are ignorant of the huge profit potential in bottled/sachet water production.

Now we are going to take our lecture step by step.
Step1. Factory/Site - You must have a factory either rented place or you own house, Factory Location must not be located or sited near --------, a ---------- (or --------), -------, -------, fuel depot.
2. Register your business name - The name of your company and products will be registered.
3. Sink a Borehole with Overhead Tanks - The most common source of water for commercial drinking water production like sachet water and bottled water is borehole, let there be tested and certified borehole within your factory premises for constant supply of water.

4. Distillation System – Use of a --------and -------- depending on your start up capacity (capital), but it is advisable to use “--------------”.
5. Get ======== Approval – ======: There is every need to obtain approval from ====== you need their approval to produce or manufacture any consumable product in Nigeria or even to import any consumable product.
6. Acquire Automatic Sealing Machine
- Automatic sealing machine. This is a machine that is being used to seal the water sachets.  
7. Employ Staffs - You will need minimum of ==== persons to work in your factory for a start then increase    as it may demand.

8. Distribution Mechanism – You can start with any distribution means like motorcycle, your private car or truck.

9. Get Power Generator- In Nigeria power supply is nothing to write home about, except if things changes tomorrow. If not, you will need a standby power generating set, of about ---KVA for the job.
10. Branding- Is very important in business, so design a very professional ---- for your product because perception is the best sales man. Make your ------ stand  out among others, let it be elegant
and make sure your product is tasteless.

Our Services: We, drill, and procure borehole materials, test and treat Borehole to pure drinking water. We also install Sachet/Bottled water and  Fruit drinks equipments. We do help our clients to register with the appropriate authorities like ------- and ----------.  For details pay  the sum of Ten thousand five hundred naira (N10,500) into our company's account. Our bank details are as follows:-

Account Name: Vester Royal Business Magnet Company

 After Payment call or send text message stating, Pure water, Bank paid, Teller no and Amount paid, to: 08036721009 , 08076075205 or 07088788710, or send us e-mail to for details.

* In this business once you have your machinery like; power generator, ceiling machine(s) nylon bags no periodical acquisition of raw materials for production; because water is a free gift of nature.
* The return on Investment (ROI) is ----% and it is subject to increase on expansion of you business and depending on your marketing strategy.
For questions call 08036721009, 08076075205, 07088788710 or e-mail.

Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing.
The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include ICT, Industrial
Fabricated Plant/Machine. We also import foreign plants for water production.

Agriculture, Export and Import, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Plant/Machine Fabrication, Mining and Quarry,   Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation are
facilitated by seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

We are here to serve you better.
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