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Now, you can make N200,000 – N250,000 in one  month right away from the comfort of your home with our MARKET INFORMATION SET UP without you doing any of the difficult side of the set up/job. You may be sleeping, while your website will be doing the rest of the job for you, after we must have completed 95% of the work for you. YOUR SUCCESS IS GURANTEED. Only five Nigerians will be given access to this ember month offer at Thirty five thousand naira (N35,000)
What You Need To Make Your Million This Year:
 Is A Product, From Vester Royal Business Magnet Company, A ------ & -----------.
And This is Exactly What Vester Royal (The Entrepreneurship Consultant and king of Entrepreneurship) will take the pain to perfectly setup and practically teach you how to run it to keep 100% profit.
We shall totally set-up an INFORMATION MARKETING Business for you. Expose the Secrets to over N250,000 monthly to you.
 We do all the technical jobs and you make the money.
We Will Setup Hot Info-Product For You! From Mobile Marketing, Web Development, Cheap Car/Mini Importation, Laptop/Phone Importation, E-book, Bulksms, Toilet Role Production, Recharge Card Printing, Custard Production, Soap Making/Production, Tuition FREE Study Abroad, Blogging, Mini Site Design etc.....

Are you set to be among the Next set of my Millionaire  Students In This Month?
 I am fully ready to set-up highly sort-after information marketing business and teach the lucky 5 about "the best business model in the world".
Information marketing business is a business in which you sell information as a product.

What is Information Selling Business?
     Information selling is the act of researching, identifying, creating a solution to an obvious knowledge gap in the society and selling the solution to interested individuals to earn cool cash.
    In a nutshell, information report selling means creating short eBooks that solve a problem and selling the e-books to the affected individuals while you earn cool cash.
    For example, Around July 2013, I came up with an information report on online. I understand the fact that millions of Nigerians are on online and only go there to chat with friends, post updates etc
    I ventured into research about how to make money from online and I came up with the product, it’s a product of less than 35pages that I personally created to teach how to make money online. It took me less than 2days to create and setup the website. Then, I started selling the product.
    This product sold more than 223 copies in 4 months and it single-handedly generated over N1,226,500 for me in 2013. I sold the guide for N5,500.

How I Set-Up Information Selling Business
     Many people never knew that information selling is a very hot business if the rudiments are learn. Otunba Akin Alabi, the owner of nairabet; a multi-millionaire sport betting website started as an information report seller back in 2007. The money generated from this business was what today gave birth to the Nairabet Empire.
    To set up an information report selling business, these are needed:
1. The product to sell; I know many of you will say... "but I do not have anything to sell or know how to create what to sell". I understand! Interestingly, we do not create what we sell sometimes. We sometimes get resale right to an already created product. Here is one of such offer directly from me to you.
2.  -------- to Sell your Product; Sometimes back in 2004, I bought an eBook for N7,500 which teaches how to create simple ------ like the one you are on right now. Thank God I took the pain to buy the eBook back then and trust me, just as the title of the e-book, "how to ---- a ------- in 30 minutes" I do often ======== in 30 minutes or less. In a nutshell, learning to ----------- is as simple as ABC... and needed to start an information report selling business.
3.    Traffic; Traffic explains the people that visit your website. The first month after I created how to make money from facebook, I got over 5000 people to visit the website. That means I had over 5000 traffic to the website. I was able to make almost 200 sales within 4 months. The more traffic that comes to a website, the more potential sales to be made and the more to be earned from sales of your information report selling business. There are free and paid ways of getting traffic to a website. I concentrated more on the paid means.
Having realized that information selling
business is the most comfortable
online. Earn cool cash with honesty.

I concentrated more on it and that is the more reason why it earned me that much in 2013. I created and sold different information products
 All the information products created and sold were responsible for N7,500,000 income out of my total income for 2013.

A secret that most Internet Marketers wouldn't
reveal to you is that a lot of money is earned
selling e-books online

Mind you, not just selling any information! But selling quality information that provide solutions to people and ability to give support to your buyers whenever the need arise.

    I held a Seminar in October 2013 to teach my subscribers about this same concept of information report selling and in fact helped set up everything from product to website. I taught about the traffic getting aspect in the training i.e. how to get many people to buy this information from you.

The good news for you is that, as much as I have decided that I want to raise just 5 Millionaires with this special setup business and traffic/sales opportunity, I have decided to setup the whole information marketing business for you (95% of the job will be done by me) and teach you practically the remaining 5%. This will get you started almost immediately without any delay.

I am fully ready to help you setup Information Business of your choice below!!

Study Abroad Info Product

(1)“Reveal at last, here’s How one can secure 100% free Tuition University Admission in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia Etc without paying a Dime to any Travel Agent or be scammed by any dubious consultant 
How many thousands of Nigerian students will gladly pay
you to get information on how they can get A Tuition FREE
Admission Abroad if you go for this setup?
(2)Get a startup capital in form of Grant or Loan from reliable agency.
(3) How to print Recharge Cards in Nigeria Etc.

Mobile Marketing/BulkSMS Info Product
Many are interested in learning how they can design and SETUP BULKSMS website for themselves and for others to make cool cash from people.We are ready to do it for you or teach you how to do that.

Now all you need to do is to call Vester Royal Business Magnet Compay on 08036721009,   and 07088788710 or send e-mail or more details. Our payment details are as follows:

Account Name: Vester Royal Business Magnet Company




After Payment call or send text message stating, Your email id, bank paid
in, teller no, Purpose of payment. and amount paid, to: 08036721009 ,
08076075205 or 07088788710 for immediate delivery of your order to you e-mail.

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