Friday 5 February 2016

How to start Palm Kernel Business in Nigeria

  Palm kernel is a nut derived from palm nut. It is found in large quantity in the eastern and Western states of Nigeria e.g,   Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Delta, Imo, Edo, and Rivers state of Nigeria,
Palm kernel oil is otherwise known as PK oil and is used for producing cosmetics, confectionery, pharmaceutical industries and for other industrial purposes. It is a lucrative business world over and has a lot of Export potential.
Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) , Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) and Palm kernel Shell (PKS) are the bye-products of Palm Kernel Nut(PKN). When we use the word bye product we mean waste.
This business is for both local and foreign traders.  . You may start with the little amount of money within your purse or even as an agent/representative   and before long, your investment will have maximized profit. Palm Kernel Oil/Cake business can be run in a small, medium and large scale depending on your financial capability.  Bye-products gotten from   processing of oil bearing seeds. They form a very important component of animal feeds by providing the much needed protein.

Palm kernel are measured and sold in basins and in bags but general weighed with scale to ascertain the number of kg needed before export or before palm kernel oil producer will come and buy them from us for export or domestic purposes. Bags and scales are to be provided to farmers in advance by exporting companies through us. We also source and buy from other farmers in case of larger supply that is above our production capacity.In this situation the buyer will supply us with bags, scale and fund at least two months before the season takes off

There are four categories of dealers in the palm kernel business, namely producers, retailers, Sub-distributors, and major distributors. Retailers are mainly women that are call in Igbo language, ndi Ohughara, while Producers buy from them and turn the palm kernels into bags, and then sell to wholesalers, who in turn sale to exporters or factories. Wholesalers will export it or sale to factories like Liver Brothers and other manufacturing companies. 

 Most of the Palm oil  and palm kernel producers do obtain their start up and production capital from the following sources. Savings: This money saved from other previous sources. (2) Loans. Some of them go out to relations and friends to obtain a loan.This may or may not attract interest of agreed percentage. (3)  An advance payment: This is a kind of loan but without interest. Advance payment is normally  made by palm oil and palm kernel buying companies early before the season.
The Procedure in the production of  Palm Kernel.
1. Collection of the palm kernels.- 2. cracking of the palm kernel nuts. - 3. Separating the palm kernel from the shell. 4. Scaling and bagaging and 5. Transporting to factory.

We can supply palm kernel to companies and individuals at cheaper prices as we supply in bags.
Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing. The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include ICT, Industrial, Agriculture, Export, Import, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing,Plant/Machine Fabrication, Mining , Quarry, Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation are facilitated by our seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

For more details: Pay a consultation fee of N10,500 into our company's account and then send text message to 08036721009, 07088788710 or send email to bizideasvester@gmail .com stating amount paid, purpose of payment and branch of the bank you paid in the money, including date of payment and mode of payment. 

Account Name: Vester Royal Business Magnet Company

After payment text details of payment including your e-mail address to any of the above numbers. 


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